Make Overs

We have seen all these make-over shows on TV, or read the stories in the magazines. Well, you can now get a make-over session for yourself or the people that you love.

Get together with your siblings and get a session for your Mom (Even though you only see her in ‘bitenges’ and ‘busutis’ these days). Let us make sure that she wears colours that flatter her and make her look younger and vibrant.

Or has your son/daughter just graduated? Set him on the right track by getting him this package and giving him some seed money for some select pieces for a formal wardrobe.

The Make-Over session is an ‘image overhaul’. Make sure that your loved one has a whole day without any engagements. It is a collective effort of a group of experts – from a make-up artist to a dentist… even an optician when necessary!!