Bridal styling (The Bridal Whisperer)

It is the most important day of your life (fashion-wise). Do not mar it by making the wrong colour and style decisions! Let us guide you through all the possible fashion mine-fields that might be coming your way!

Some food for thought…

Apart from the more traditional reasons, some brides should steer clear of pure white. Others should not wear gold and others will look older with an up-do. Should you wear a mermaid dress or a ball-gown? Are you sure about the make-up palette that you think you should be using – have you thought of one anyway? These are all questions that you should have answered. By a professional… US!

Have you thought about your bridal entourage? Can you truly let them stand by your side in colours and fabrics that bring out their worst? You took the time to select your bridal party, so please take some time and care to ensure that they are dressed to flatter both you and themselves – Who doesn’t love a gracious bride?