Career Dressing

There are several unspoken rules that govern what is considered appropriate/inappropriate attire at the workplace. Many of us have never had the opportunity of being told what these hush-hush rules are. In Uganda, there is a very thin line that divides what is decent and what is ‘wolf-in-wolf’s clothing’. This is because of our body-shape types.

The conscious decision you make when determining what you wear to a meeting or interview can tip the scales out of your favour in your career climb. Do not do yourself a disservice. Contact US!

On a brighter note, when you get to know the rules, we can show you how to flirt with them, have fun – you spend most of your day at work anyway, so we will show you the tricks of picking pieces and outfits that will benefit your personality and career. Getting dressed for work does not have to be such a dreary affair!