Catherine Opondo

Our Board Chairperson Ms. Faith Nabaggala an Image consultant and the proprietor of Gala Images, provided Etiquette Training to our graduate alumni girls known as the Big Sisters and Staff at CGC.

Our "light bulb" was when she introduced her topics to us and the purpose for exposing us to such training. She mentioned a few nuggets that included:- "Good manners will take you places where lies and money won't. A good handshake exudes confidence. Plan for who you are going to meet. One can tell a huge amount of who you are by how you stand."

Ms. Faith shared with us great topics on etiquette including
1. Introductions and courtesies.... Addressing people by titles and remembering to use and pronounce their names correctly.
2. Greetings, the smile and eye contact
3. Demeanor and Poise and how to present oneself for a formal meeting like the Interview, posture and body language.
4. Table manners and eating the right way at the table, including how to position and use cutlery.

We are certain that the little glimpse of training Ms. Faith provided will empower our girls as they venture into the market place and let Good manners take them to places where money and lies won't as Ms.Faith affirmed.

Catherine Opondo
Executive Director
Concern For The Girl Child



A stitch in time saves nine! That is what Ms. Faith did for me. Despite being pencil thin, I used to dress like a nun. I thought I was not pretty enough and a visit to my husband ‘X’s ‘new work place convinced me even more as I saw how fashionable his lady workmates dressed and looked amazing. I feared for my marriage and did not sleep that night.

As the images of these ladies kept replaying in my mind, I remembered Ms. Faith in Uganda and I recalled how she always dressed to kill. I looked for her contact through face book and reached her the next day, requesting for an appointment.

Ms. Faith accepted to meet me and on the given date, I travelled to seek her consultation. It was a life changing experience as she explained to me all about body shape, colors and matching clothes. She also pointed out what suited me and why it did.

We then hit the mall and as I tried on cloth after cloth, shoe after shoe, jewelry after jewelry, I realized I was prettier than my husband’s workmates and was ready to beat them at their own game. On reaching home, I tried on the outfits for my husband and he was left speechless. He was already aware I had sought the help of a stylist and now he wishes he could pay her triple for the job done. His reaction made me realize that consulting Ms. Faith was a stitch in time. My husband loves the new me as I now know how to dress my body and I have never looked back!




"I came to know about Gala Image Consulting at quite the opportune moment in my life. Ms. Nabaggala what my concerns were i.e. "covering up bulges that seemed to be creeping up at every birthday celebrated''.

She was very understanding and having identified what exactly I was looking for, we set out on a shopping date. Not only was our date fun but we zeroed in on some excellent buys that helped to cover up my problem areas. I felt very confident with my new purchases; something that I had not felt in a while.

For me Gala Image Consulting gave me the boost that I needed, some very good advice on what to wear and a very pleasant shopping experience. Definitely an encore soon....!"



Lillian (JUNE 2013)

Having a lot to wear, whether nice, trendy and classy doesn’t necessarily mean that one will look nice, when they wear these clothes. There needs to be that creativity and great sense of fashion to make as many as twice or thrice the number of outfits from the same pieces used in different ways. Well……this is the lifelong lesson I learnt from the very passionate, warm, simple and yet very smart and stylish Faith Nabaggala, the Image Consultant.

Every lady needs their own Image Consultants (oh yes! even gents do), not for a lifetime consultation but even the smallest steps taken in life. Meeting one will change the way you look at that wardrobe that you have. I tried it once and trust me, I will do it again…..it was a landmark event!

Lillian (JUNE 2013)


BRIDE Bridget (NOVEMBER 2013)

H i, am called Bridget and am a contented client of Gala Image Consulting. I would describe their service as EXCEPTIONAL. You may wonder why, but it’s due to the amazing help offered. The fact is that preparing for any celebration can tend to be stressful: be it a house-warming, birthday party or tea party. If these almost regular events trigger stress and create some panic, how about your dream wedding? I was sure of what I wanted for my wedding and had a strong desire for a perfect image yet I was totally ignorant as to how to put the pieces of the ‘perfect wedding puzzle’ together.

With help from Gala Image Consulting, I affirmed that image is not made by money or time but humble knowledge of who you are and what brings the best out of you. You will gracefully be led through different components of perfect image building and I encourage EVERYONE to undergo the colour analysis test as well. You will be amazed by the fit between your skin, face, colour choice and personality.

I am now confident when choosing my clothing and always delighted by all the well- blended outfits I can put together by myself! Although I started with bridal pressure, Gala Image Consulting services are ideal for every lady so that you control Image damage of the special people in your life.

Book in now!

BRIDE Bridget (NOVEMBER 2013)