Gala Image Consulting is a close-knit unit of professionals that specializes in providing customised communications and marketing solutions. We have over 20 years combined experience in Marketing; especially Graphics Design, Corporate Communications and Branding (both personal & corporate) in Uganda. Our strength lies in our ability to translate our clients’ needs, wants and desires into messaging that their target audiences can understand, appreciate and respond to.

The Creative team is responsible for the design and layout of the materials – from the creation of the visual communications all the way to production (print, web, outdoor, social media, t.v & radio etc)

The Communications section is responsible for crafting the messaging (Copy-writing) across the selected tools Production Team is responsible for managing the print production processes, establishes production timelines, and quality control.Corporate identity & brand development / design

Branding and Advertising services

  • Graphic design - (posters, press, brochures, stationery, books, magazines)
  • T.V and Radio advertising - (concept development and production)
  • Outdoor advertising - (billboard, signage, surburban signs)
  • Vehicle branding
  • Web design
  • Social media advertising
  • Printing - (small scale and large format printing)
  • Branded merchandise - (calenders, pens, tshirts, caps, stationery etc)
  • Corporate uniform design and production
  • Corporate photograph art direction & styling

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